Enrichment Courses Aligned to International Standards
Enrichment courses are to perfect students' knowledge structure, broaden their horizons, and improve their practical and innovative abilities.
Enrichment courses, to develop the students and complement of “core courses”, are offered to meet the growing demand of students.
Strategy and Games
Includes winning strategies for dual countermeasures and entry courses in games such as A-Line, Five-In-A-Row, international chess, Go (Weiqi), and hare games. These courses develop students' thinking.
Logic & Sudoku & Magic Square
Includes logical reasoning, third-order magic square, and numerical matrix maps. It aims to exercise students' logical thinking and improve their reasoning abilities.
Interesting Mathematical Problem from Ancient China
This course introduces anecdotes from ancient Chinese mathematics and explores the evolution and mysteries of mathematics from ancient times until today. This course stimulates students' interest in learning through understanding the history of mathematics.
Rubik's Cube
This course, divided into beginners and intermediate levels, improves students' ability to solve problems by exercising their hand-eye coordination.
This ancient Chinese puzzle game produces thousands of different patterns by arranging seven board pieces in different ways. It is commonly used to develop intelligence and creative thinking, and improve students' attention, imagination, and comprehensive analysis skills.
The Math Bridge
This course provides remedial tutoring so that transfer students can catch-up in mathematics courses.
Mathematics Olympiads
This course introduces the main problem types and problem-solving methods for the Mathematics Olympiad. The use of many types of problems develops students' thinking and stimulates their willingness to think.