Enrichment Courses Aligned to International Standards
Enrichment courses are to perfect students' knowledge structure, broaden their horizons, and improve their practical and innovative abilities.
Enrichment courses, to develop the students and complement of “core courses”, are offered to meet the growing demand of students.
Model United Nations
Through course work, club activities, and the United Nations conference learning model, we improve students' understanding of international issues, the policy-making process, and how the United Nations works. Students will also gain valuable skills in public speaking, research and writing, negotiation and persuasion, leadership, organization, and interpersonal communication.
BBC Documentary Appreciation
Students' minds are broadened through the appreciation of high-quality documentaries on various topics such as science, nature, and culture; supplementary language instruction is also a part of the class.
Master Class
Domestic and foreign experts from various disciplines and fields are invited into the classroom to introduce students to the most cutting edge and high-level status and developments in their fields, allowing students to appreciate and learn from the professionalism and charisma of the masters.