How can we  teach reading to improve the students’ reading ability better?
How can we improve the level of middle managers, allow them to fully display their talent, and enhance team cohesion?
How can we improve our overall view of education, expand our international vision, and better combine subject teaching and talent cultivating?


On November 24-25, 2017, Beijing Kaiwen Academy held a special training session for its Chinese and foreign teachers and administrative staff on strength finding, guided reading, and leadership training.


Kaiwen invited Wang Dianjun, principal of Tsinghua University High School, Rufus Samkin, head of Kaiwen secondary school, and experts from well-known professional third-party international school training agencies to give lectures at the training session. In addition, the school also hired personnel form a safety guidance agency to train teachers on daily safety knowledge.

With both theoretical summary and specialized skill expansion practices, the training was conducted in various forms: professional seminars, group discussions, and simulation exercises. Many teachers said that some of the teaching cases were very practical. The group discussions and professional guidance have enlightened them on some detailed issues that have often puzzled them in their teaching and management work.

The trainees all expressed their gratitude after the training session, saying, “We are very grateful to the school for providing such an opportunity for everyone to learn and make progress. This positive energy has let each and every one of us feel the warmth of the Kaiwen family. We are one!”


Kaiwen Academy (Haidian) has always attached great importance to professional skills training of its staff. The school holds Professional Development Day (PD Day) regularly in each semester to help its faculty and staff develop a scientific concept of education, expand knowledge reserves, and improve their professional skills. By integrating Chinese and Western concepts of education and teaching, the school has truly enhanced team cohesion and absorbed the best of the two concepts.


Kaiwen Executive Principal Ms. Zhou Zhaoyu said, “The training is to improve the quality of education and enhance Kaiwen’s educational philosophy. In the future, relying on the advantages of Tsinghua University, we will continue to innovate and cultivate leader-type talented people who truly have patriotic feelings and international perspectives.”


To teach means to learn. Through hard work and wisdom, Kaiwen teachers have prepared richer and more exciting teaching materials. Dear students and parents, how about you?