Zhou Zhaoyu
Executive Principal
Ms. Zhou is a graduate of the National Institute of Education of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She has a Master's degree in Education Administration (MEA). She has served at Tsinghua University High School for over 20 years, during this time she was an English teacher as well as a research fellow at the Beijing Haidian Teachers Training College. She served as a subject leader of English and was a core teacher in Haidian District. She was the union president of Tsinghua University High School and a member of Tsinghua University's Labor Union Standing Committee. After moving on from teaching Ms. Zhou served as Deputy Secretary and Vice-Principal at Tsinghua University High School in Yongfeng, Vice-Principal at Tsinghua University High School-Qinhan, and Vice-Principal at Tsinghua University High School in Shangdi.
Wang Shi
Academic Principal
Mr. Wang was one of China's first on-campus counselors to pioneer college admission counseling for students. He serves as the first Secretary-General of the Beijing Academy for College Counseling. He once served as Director of College Counseling, a senior English teacher at Beijing No. 4 High School, and as a core teacher of the Beijing Xicheng District. He studied at Columbia University in the United States where he obtained TESOL / TEFL certificate. He is the Assistant to Principal at Tsinghua University High School and Director of College Counseling. Mr. Wang successfully guided a large number of students who are now studying at Harvard, Yale, MIT and many other world-class universities. He is widely recognized by Ivy League schools in the United States as China's expert in college admissions counseling, and he has even been acclaimed as “the best college counselor in China's public high schools” and “the pioneer of China's college admissions counseling” by the presidents of Northwestern University and Rice University, the Dean of Admission at Harvard Universityand Vice Provost of University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, and many other prestigious universities’ educators. Furthermore, he has written articles on China's international education that were published in many public media including the New York Times.
Sun Dapeng
Administrative Principal
Mr. Sun has worked as the assistant to the Director of Graduate Admissions of Tsinghua University, the Director of Party Personnel Office of the Art Center of Tsinghua University, and the assistant to the Principal of Tsinghua University High School. During the eleven years he worked at Tsinghua University he devoted himself to the establishment of a talent selection mechanism, the popularization of art education, and aesthetic education. Mr. Sun also researched the cohesion of primary, secondary, and university education, as well as a comparative analysis of Chinese and Western education. After graduating from the Academy of Art & Design, Tsinghua University, he was excused from the Undergraduate Admission Test and become a postgraduate, and received a Master of Arts. Over the years, he has been engaged in artistic creation and academic research, combining arts with science in teaching, and focusing on thinking development and the cultivation of innovative awareness. He is now a research fellow of the Wu Guanzhong Art Research Center at Tsinghua University.
Donald Miller
Vice Academic Principal
Mr. Miller is the Academic Vice Principal at KWA. Donald comes to us from New York with 21 years’ experience in the international education field. He earned two Master of Arts degrees, in Teaching and in Education Administration. He served as Executive Principal at Chicago Hope Academy in Chicago, Illinois, and as Executive Principal at Beijing Hope International School. Mr. Miller came to Kaiwen Academy from Tsinghua International High School where he served as Principal of the Secondary School. Mr. Miller has rich experience as a successful business owner in the US, and he also worked for two American Presidents, was staff in the US Congress, and was himself an elected Member of the New York State Legislature.
Michael Shimshak
Head of Primary School
Mr. Shimshak has served as an educational leader for more than 20 years, specializing in the supervision of instruction and the development of organizational culture. He earned his Master degree from Winona State University and has continuously been engaged in professional development, most recently, in restorative practices, non-violent communication, leadership coaching, and the building of classroom and school learning communities. Mr. Shimshak is a proponent of the education of the whole child across the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual domains. Throughout his career, he has served in top leadership roles in state and national educational organizations. He was named a Fellow with the Illinois School for Advanced Leadership is 2016 and has been the recipient of two Fulbright study grants to Argentina, a Korean Foundation study grant, and an administrative exchange with China. He has presented at numerous educational conferences, including an international conference in Brazil. As a host of educators from Asia, South America, and Europe, Mr. Shimshak values student development of intercultural competence through bilingual education.
Rufus Samkin
Head of Secondary School
Rufus Samkin joins Kaiwen academy after more than 15 years of successful international education administration. Mr. Samkin holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL. A proponent of the whole-child theory of education, Mr. Samkin firmly believes in cooperative roles and relationships between parents and the school community as a whole to develop a successful and individual education plan for each student. Originally from the United Kingdom, Mr. Samkin spent his formative years between Africa and Europe, and began his education career in England. He moved to the United States in 1999 where he continued to teach, later becoming a department chair, Principal and Superintendent of Schools.
*Teachers' names are listed in no particular order.